Costa Rica Retreats

Costa Rica F.A.Q.s

Here are some frequently answered questions to help guide you on your path to the good life.

Why do I need trip insurance?
For your safety, we strongly suggest all guests to purchase trip and accident insurance. For about $75-119 you get not only trip cancellation coverage, but evacuation and other medical care that typically your carrier will not offer. Please go to: World Nomads and get the “Explorer” coverage.

What is a typical day like?
zip line

Note, all activities are optional.

  • 7 AM  Fruit and coffee
  • 7:30    Morning coastal hike
  • 8:30   Typical Costs Rica breakfast (eggs, beans, rice, fruit, tortillas…)
  • 10      Pickleball, Yoga or other class
  • 11       Free time
  • 2    Zip line canopy tour
  • 6:30    Gourmet dinner with local foods prepared by our chef
  • 8:30    Relaxing at the villa with new friends
What are the accommodations like?
You will be staying at a luxury villa in Las Catalinas. We host the retreats at various houses in this beautiful, resort town. Most houses have a private pool, ocean views, AC, WIFI, well-appointed bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, maid service…  
What fitness level is the retreat designed for?
Our community is a walking town, so at an absolute minimum you should feel comfortable walking up and down steep hills, using stairs without handrails while carrying your beach/workout gear. Our guests are usually active but you do not need to be in super shape. If you are a healthy person who exercises fairly regularly, you will be fine. You will have 2-3 exercise options per day and you can do as little or as much as you like. This is your vacation to enjoy!
Can you accommodate different dietary needs?
We will do everything we can to ensure your specific nutritional needs are met. Vegetarian and gluten free meals are always available.  Rice, beans, tortillas, chicken, beef, fish, tropical fruit, and fresh vegetables are some of the standard foods that travelers can expect in Costa Rica. Just let me know if you have special food restrictions or allergies.
How do I get there?
The best way to get to the retreat is to fly to Liberia international Airport, in northwest Costa Rica. The airport is called Daniel Oduber Quiros and the airport code is “LIR”. Most major carriers  fly there direct from the US. From there we will provide ground transportation for the 50-minute drive to the retreat.
Can I drink the water there?
Yes, your villa has safe and tasty water right out of the tap.
What types of electrical outlets are used in Costa Rica?
Costa Rica uses the same power outlets as the United States, 2-prong 110V.
Should I bring cash? Are ATMs available? Can I use credit cards?
Yes, credit cards are accepted at most places. I suggest bringing some cash for small purchases. Since most of your expenses are handled as part of the retreat, you really just need shopping money. US dollars are widely accepted, though bills larger than $20 may be an issue.
How safe is Costa Rica?
I feel safer here than most places in the US! Costa Rica has a democratic tradition and extensive tourist facilities. Like any destination, however, Costa Rica has its share of crime, especially in the larger cities. Pickpocketing is a particular concern for travelers, especially in crowded airports and visitor sites. Be aware of your valuables and avoid carrying large amounts of cash, jewelry or other expensive items.  
Do I need prior experience with hiking, snorkel…?
You do not need any prior experience to participate in the activities. You can use this trip to learn something new and maybe tick something off your bucket list. You can always choose to substitute for something more fun or relax instead.
Can you accommodate a solo traveler?
Of course! Since most of the rooms can accommodate 2 people, the pricing will be more if you want your own room. On some retreats there may be an option to have your own bed while sharing a room. Please contact me and I can let you know what is available.
Do I need a visa/passport?
Travelers will all need a valid passport. I suggest having an expiration of at least 3 months after they depart. Entry requirements can change. It is each traveler’s responsibility to check for the most recent visa information.
What should I bring?
Costa Rica is tropical and very casual, so you won’t need much. Since we offer daily maid service, you can pack light. After your registration, you will receive a “Welcome Email” with several documents with a detailed list of suggestions.