Costa Rica Retreats

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Welcome to Costa Rica Retreats

Our goal is for you to experience “Pura Vida”, the good life. You’ve worked hard and you deserve to have an incredible vacation.  My wife Michele and I chose the town of Las Catalinas to host our retreats for many reasons: the variety of on-site activities, its beachfront location, the unique “car free” town center, and it’s a safe area. Under an hour from Liberia International airport, Las Catalinas is easy to get to from anywhere in the US.

Whether you are coming for adventure, relaxation or connecting with nature, this part of Costa Rica is truly paradise. Situated in the Guanacaste region, enjoy the “Gold Coast” with great beaches, sunny skies and less humidity than the rest of the country. We use a variety of private villas in the community to host our retreats.

With over 30 miles of on-site trails, a gear shop, 8+ restaurants and lots of nearby excursions (zip lining, ATV, horses, waterfalls, boat tours…), you can fill your vacation with fun. I’m happy to share my list of contacts, and you have a concierge team available to arrange tours and reservations. A typical day might start with a hike, fresh coffee and breakfast prepared by your “house mom”, hanging out at the beach club, and a sunset catamaran/snorkel tour.

My name is Rich Roe, and I’ve traveled around the world to over 50 countries before choosing this community in Costa Rica. I’ve worked as a fitness trainer and guide for over 30 years. My better half works in fashion and she has an equally strong passion for travel. Las Catalinas is truly the most amazing place on earth.  We hope you join us in paradise to experience the good life!